What’s the difference between the cheaper stuff I buy now labelled as ‘full spectrum?’

There are many reasons why our products we prepare for you are different from other products in their category. Hemp oils, which we export to many countries around the world, are produce using a special method which we discovered as a result of our long research program. This method, called CBD plant infusion, allows not only a part of the plant but all of it to be incorporated into the product’s content. In this way, you have the chance to benefit from all known nutritional values of the oil, not just a small part of it like ‘standard’ CBD oils on the market. CBD plant infusion requires a completely different process from the cannabis harvest to the production of the product.

CBD Plant Infusion

In order to perform the CBD plant infusion process, no machine is used during the harvest process of cannabis. Farmers separate each hemp from the soil with their hands. During this process, the cannabis plant is collected together with its root, that is, the process is not like a plant cutting process. All cannabis is harvested in August and used for the production process within the same month. In this way, all cannabis is used with the freshest form.

CBD plant infusion process continues with the extraction of the plant. After the plant has been extracted, the product obtained is stored under the most perfect conditions. Products stored for 2 years using Miron Glass Container technology so it remains fresh until you get it.

You can be sure that the most affordable cannabis oils on the market are not produced this way. Therefore, the performance of those products can not be that good for you.  In this way, there will be many kinds of Cannabinoids in the bottles you buy from us. The rate of cannabinoids in the products we produce is approximately 70 percent higher than the other products. CBDA, THCA, THCV, CBN, CBC, CBCA. CBG and CBGA are some of the minerals found in our bottles of oils.

Whole Plant Infusion Technology

When using our CBD oil produced with Hemp plans infusion technology, you will be sure to benefit from the full spectrum of the cannabis plant. In this way, you will notice that you are consuming a product that is quite different from other products. With the widespread use of cannabis oil and consumers’ understanding of the difference in quality oil, we believe that our products will reach even more people. 

When preparing our products by using CBD plant infusion method, we use 100% natural plants. Enjoy the natural and beneficial cannabis oil technology of CBDWarhouse. Although we cannot list ‘health benefits’ due to new advertising guidelines for CBD oil, read and view what our customers say on our Instagram page @cbdwarhouse and build your own picture. 

CBD Oil Full Spectrum Fully Infused

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