FAQ about CBD Oil

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How should I store the Oil once opened?

Our product has a very special packaging technology. Thanks to this packaging technology called Miron Glass Technology, our product is protected from all external factors. For quick and easy use of the product, we sell the product with dropper. The dropper will prevent you from having to consume more than the product you demand. What’s more, thanks to the miron glass technology we use, your product will continue to be protected throughout its life. We recommend that you do not leave it under the sun for a long time, so that you can continue to store our products in the most healthy way. In addition, storing in a cool and dry environment will make our products last longer.

How much should i take?

After you buy a bottle from our product, you will be surprised how long it will be enough for you. Our high quality product is a product that you can have a daily use of only 0.5 – 1ml. Therefore, it is recommended to consume the product at these rates. After you begin to consume the product in your daily life, you will feel the difference. Your quality of life in your daily routines will be much higher than before.

Is there a “high” effect?

No, the THC level is less than 3% making it legal and there is no high.

Where are the plants grown?

Consuming hemp oil means consuming the extract of an organic nutrient. Therefore, you may be wondering where the raw material – the plant is grown. We grow all of our products in Europe. All of the cannabis produced to be turned into hemp oil are harvested in August. Cannabis harvested during the natural harvest season is collected by hand, not by machine. In this way, the most rich areas of hemp in terms of vitamins and minerals, namely the roots, are not damaged in any way. Products whose roots are not damaged can provide maximum benefit to the consumer. Before ordering cannabis oil, it is really important for you to investigate how the cannabis used for oil production goes through a harvesting process.

Is there anyway i could be Allergic to this product?

We do not use any allergen substances in our hemp oil production process. Since we do not use allergens, we do not think our products will cause any symptoms of allergies. But to be sure, you can check whether your skin has a reaction by dropping a small drop of our product onto your arm. In this way, you will take precautions against any negative situation.

What is the CBD content?

Within the 80% Whole Plant Infusion is CBD which works synergistically as part of the entourage effect, what we are saying is, forget the CBD content and have the whole plant all together as nature intended and experience the true magic of the plant. If you want a CBD product there are hundreds if not thousands of sites selling CBD Oil at all sorts of prices. This is a whole plant infusion and once experienced you’ll “get it” if you see us at an event you can have a free sample.

I’d like to be a re-seller what do I do?

Contact us!

Is CBD safe?

Our product does not contain any additives or allergens. Our products, which are stored under the most healthy conditions, are completely healthy and safe. However, when using our product, we recommend that you pay attention to the conditions of use. In this way, you can prevent accidents and misfortunes that may arise. Thanks to our most competent colleagues in the field of CBD oil UK, we take care to produce a product that will improve your health day by day.

Can I drive / operate machinery whilst on the oil?

Yes it is safe, however if you are also taking some other medications check with your doctor first.

How do i take it?

You can use our products in several different ways. How you use our product depends entirely on your intended use. If you want to take our product orally, you need to drip a few drops into your mouth. You can swallow the oil in your mouth after a while. In this way, your body will benefit from a substance that contains a very high percentage of vitamins and minerals. If you want to use our product in your skin care routine, you can add the product to the mask mixes. Adding a few drops of cannabis oil to a good hair care mask mix will make your hair lighter and brighter than before.

How long do I need to take it?

Each person is very different, you will have to trust your intuition and listen to your body. It may be best to take until you are feeling better, then break to see if symptoms return. You may be happy with your state and like to top up occasionally.

How long should i take it for?

Since cannabis oil is used for different purposes, it can be used for different durations. You can use the hemp oil that you added to your monthly skin care routine for years. For the process of using hemp oil, which we produce for a specific disease treatment, you should consult a specialist. After applying to a specialist doctor, you can continue to consume our product until you feel better about your illness.

Is it safe to take during pregnancy?

Cannabis oil consumption is quite common for different purposes. However, it is better to consult your doctor about the use of cannabis oil during pregnancy and sensitive periods like this. If you ask us, we can say that we have many customers who consumed our products during pregnancy and were highly satisfied. It is possible to consume hemp oil in order to regulate your blood values during pregnancy, to perform your skin and hair care or to feed your baby with high vitamin foods.

Can i give it to my pet?

Yes, because there have been no studies conducted, it’s best to simply follow the adult directions.

Can i take the product abroad?

You must check the customs/import laws and rules of the country of your destination. Google suggested search – Can I take Hemp / CBD Oil into…