Our packaging

As CBD Warhouse, we care that our products reach you with the most healthy and durable conditions. Therefore, we pay extra attention to the packaging process of our products. The packaging of oils in the most healthy conditions requires a more specific technology than the packaging of other products. The fact that our packaging style provided both storage and ease of use required a highly developed packaging style. We have done extensive research to use such technology. As a result of our research, the miron glass packaging technology we use helps us to offer the best quality cannabis oil to our customers.

Miron glass technology protects the most important ingredients of the product it carries. It does not allow these substances to age in themselves and to deteriorate due to aging. So, how is this accomplished? The most important feature of Miron glass technology is that it completely blocks the penetration of visible light spectrum through the glass. Miron glasses are therefore violet. Although they may appear to be black from the outside, they are violet, and these glasses actually protect our products from light and thus prevent damage to the products.

This glass technology also ensures that a certain part is permeable to infrared radiation. The resulting light combination provides excellent protection against rapid aging of the product. Therefore, we can give you maximum benefit when highly protected products reach you.

Why Glass Technology Is Important For Packaging?

Glass technology is highly decisive for a product’s performance. This is because the exposure to sunlight directly affects the performance of the products. There are two basic types of sunlight. The first kind of sunlight allows the products to grow rapidly, have higher potential and develop. The second kind of sun rays shorten the decay times of the products and cause the products to become unusable quickly. Thanks to the unique Miron Glass technology, our products only come into contact with the first kind of sunlight and the second kind of sunlight cannot penetrate through the glass in any way.

Thanks to the Miron Glass technology, which has proven to be beneficial to health as a result of numerous studies in the field of biophotonics, we have the chance to present our products we prepared for you with the healthiest conditions. You have the opportunity to meet the healthiest and highest performance form of CBD oil.

History of MIRON violet glass

Miron Glass technology is actually a special storage technology used since ancient times. According to research, this technology has been used actively since the ancient Egypt period. In ancient Egypt, it was known that valuable foods and high quality essences were stored in glasses with this storage technology, and they are called violet glasses.

Inspired by the past, Miron Glasses was able to move to industrial production in 1995. Since 1995, Miron Glass continues to be used by companies that care about the production phase of the products as well as the packaging phase.